Who is Veyron?

My name is Callum Hill, I am a History Student at the University of Exeter who is currently studying in Hong Kong on my Year Abroad. I first went travelling at the age of 18 when I interrailed around Europe for 23 days. On this trip I wrote a day-by-day journal of my friends and I’s antics, and so was born my love for travel writing. This passion has grown exponentially in the years since – I’ve spent my two summer holidays since interrailing backpacking through Myanmar and Poland, all the while taking weekend trips here there and everywhere (when my student budget allows), and of course, I’ve written about it all.

I set up Voyaging Veyron with the aim of sharing my best travel tips with you, in the hope that you can gain as much from your voyages as I have from mine. In addition to this, I harbour hopes of one day being a journalist and a blog seemed the perfect place for me to hone my literary skills. If you like my writing and know of any work experience available within the journalism/travel writing sector, please don’t hesitate to contact me, either via the contact page on this site or social media.

Previous Experience:

  • Completed a weeks work experience at Rough Guides where my tasks included: developing content for the website, assisting the marketing and cartography teams, formulating press releases and proofreading e-books.