The Cost of Travelling Poland

Poland is a historic country that, except from boozy trips to Krakow, doesn’t appear to be on anyone’s list for a getaway. However, the costs of travelling through the country, or just visiting one city, are so low that it should be.

I’ve averaged out the cost of the three main expenses in each big city: accommodation, food and drink. You can definitely find cheaper accommodation than this if you look in advance, for example there’s a hostel in Krakow for £3 a night! The food estimates I’ve given here are for a single main course at a moderately priced restaurant – so none of the overpriced crap you’ll find in Old Town squares but still good food. Drinks vary from pub to pub but on the whole alcohol is very cheap in Poland.


Accommodation: £8.

Meals: 20-30zl (£4-6).

Drinks: 1L beer in the square is 20zl (£4), pints around 10zl (£2.00), shots 5zl (£1).

Bus/Tram: 4.6zl or 2.3zl for student (85p or 48p). Everything in Krakow is within walking distance and you shouldn’t need to use public transport.


Accommodation: £7

Meals: 15-25zl (£3-5)

Drinks: 10zl per pint (£2.00). 5zl per shot (£1).

Bus/Tram: 3.4zl or 1.7zl for students (70p or 35p). The tram and bus system is very affordable but the city is not vast and you shouldn’t need it.


Accommodation: £7

Meals: 20-30zl (£4-£6)

Drinks: 5zl per vodka (£1), 10zl per pint (£2).

Bus/Tram: 2.8zl or 1.4zl for students (55p or 23p). It is no exaggeration to say most of Łódź is just one street, albeit 4.2km long, so there’s no real need for any public transport.


Accommodation: £12

Meals: 15-25zl (£4-6)

Drinks: 10zl per pint (£2).

Bus/Tram: 4.4zl or 2.2zl for students (88p or 44p). Probably the only city where you’ll need public transport as you may wish to cross the river to the Praga district which is about 1hour walk away from the Old Town. The trams are easy to work and very frequent.


Accommodation: £12

Meals: 20-30zl (£4-£6).

Drinks: 10zl per pint (£2).

Bus/Tram: 3.2zl or 1.6 for students (64p or 32p). Unless you’re staying outside of the Old Town you won’t need to use any public transport. If you wish to go to the beach in it’s a 2zl ticket one way – dependant on discount and station.

City to city Transport:

The cost of buses between city to city varies but it’s never more than £10. The best company to use is FlixBus: they operate all over Europe and are incredibly reliable. Their boarding is seamless and their app is great.

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